LinkedIn behind the scenes

How Open Source can transform a company

Andrew Dyson

What is LinkedIn's approach to open source?

LinkedIn really embraces open-sourcing.  Alex Vauthey, VP of Engineering  can think of three main reasons for that: first one is it’s very much in line with our culture.

One of the key dimensions of LinkedIn is transformation, of the self, company and the world. That transformation includes not just creating features, but also creating the technology to create economic opportunities for other professionals around the world.

Transformation of the company will enable LinkedIn to realize its full potential by open-sourcing software that we build. We’re actually leveraging the community of software developers that help with that. With traction, the software gets more secure, more reliable. At the end of the day you use better software to build applications.

As for the third aspect, transformation of the self, what we mean by that is we want our employees to leave LinkedIn as much better professionals than when they arrive. By being able to contribute to an open source project, you have the opportunity to get the code that you’re writing looked at by a lot of people. They see their code out there being used by people, enhanced by people.

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