Promoting Your Campaign

Emails are an effective means of getting your message across, whether your campaign is targeted towards fundraising, awareness raising or to sell your product or service. All too often however, email campaigns are planned using a small (and sometimes even irrelevant) amount of data.   Sophisticated email marketing, used so effectively by the big players, works on a complex flow of information gathered from the emails sent out and builds a dynamic picture of your leads/prospects/donors.  Based on the responses, more targeted offers or appeals can be sent to ensure that your marketing efforts are kept relevant and less likely to be seen as 'junk'.  If this is sounding too costly or too complicated then please bear with us because we think we have a solution you will love.

FGG Data Solutions provide access to a free to use, professional level email marketing/fundraising tool.  We will support you in the configuration and set up and train you how to use the system within your organisation.  Once your staff are trained there are no more costs involved in sending the right emails to the right people, only benefits to be gained.  So if you are looking to send out 200 emails a month or 200,000 a month please talk to us about how we can help.


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