Safeguarding Adults at Risk

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One Day Course
Up to 16 delegates
In House Delivery

Abuse can manifest itself in many forms, not only the sexual or violent exploitation of vulnerable adults, it also can incorporate inappropriate financial arrangements such as buying or selling goods; or the shunning of individuals who don't fit in to a project or organisation. In addition social care agencies who deliver housing related support must ensure that they can protect children who are living where their service is provided, where children may visit or where clients have contact with children.

This course will give providers an overview of the key issues involved in protecting adults at risk and it will cover the current legislative and good practice requirements.

Who should participate on this course:

All staff and managers involved in delivering social care services.

Course Aim This course will enable participants to prevent abuse (safeguard) or respond swiftly and appropriately were there are concerns abuse has taken place (protect).

At the end of this course you will be able to

  • Recall the social and legislative context of protecting adults at risk
  • Understand who adults at risk are and how and why they are at risk.
  • Understand how the Mental Capacity Act 2005 impacts on the assessment and control of Safeguarding Risk and the rights of adults under this act.
  • Recognise signs and indicators that an adult at risk (or child) may be being abused
  • Report abuse and how to take immediate steps to protect an adult at risk
  • To explain why abuse is sometimes not reported by clients or staff.
  • Be confident in knowing what to do in your role as an ‘alerter’
  • Recognise the limits of your role as an ‘alerter’ of possible